May 8, 2015

Baremineral's Beauty Surprise is Available Now!

The Baremineral's Mystery Box is back yet again. It is usually only sold twice a year but Bareminerals released one in March which was quite recent. This time around the box is valued at $45 for a $195 value plus free shipping. I've always been very curious about the boxes as the value is always at least quadruple the selling price. I noticed that the mystery boxes usually contain limited edition items they are no longer selling and discontinued colors. I find that each previous box varies greatly so you are never really sure what you are getting until you order. Be warned that they do list each individual item you will be receiving in your order confirmation (but they tend to replace some of the items as they run out of them) and as they state, these usually sell out in the matter of hours. 

It's an 11-piece Beauty Surprise collection brimming with mystery goodies. These go fast. We're talking a few hours. Tops. You've been warned...
Available online only. While supplies last.
This Kit Contains :

  • Mystery Gift 1 

  • Mystery Gift 2 

  • Mystery Gift 3 

  • Mystery Gift 4 

  • Mystery Gift 5 

  • Mystery Gift 6 

  • Mystery Gift 7 

  • Mystery Gift 8 

  • Mystery Gift 9 

  • Mystery Gift Duo 

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